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Dolph Stats Consulting (DSC) is a consulting and expertise company in engineering and data science. We intervene in the field of market research and opinion poll both quantitative and qualitative. Dolph Stats Consulting supports all or part of your study according to your requirements.

We ensure the framing of the study, the design of the questionnaires, the choice of samples, the collection and the interpretative analysis of the data. With a fine rendition, intelligible turned decision aid, Doplh Stats is committed to providing you with a reliable study allowing you to better meet the requirements of your customers and to adapt to the market situation. taking into account supply and demand.


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  • We wanted to trust a group of young people who seemed determined and above all relevant in their analytical approach.

    We are satisfied with the performance of Dolph-Stats Consulting. The approach is appropriate to the study’s request and we note an in-depth analysis of the results of surveys conducted with great rigour.

    We are particularly pleased with the flexibility of the Dolph-Stats Consulting team. The accuracy of the questions asked during the surveys confirms the firm’s technical skills. The results really allow us to better understand Dolima’s customers’ behaviors and to readjust our marketing and sales strategies.

    We find that Dolph-Stats Consulting has a particular attention to detail and does not hesitate to be frank and objective when the results are not conclusive but above all offer other alternatives.

    We recommend Dolph-Stats Consulting without hesitation for the analytical quality of the studies, the respect of the timing, all at reasonable prices.

    Pipo Ngor BOB – Director Sales & Marketing DOLIMA

  • I have a Master II degree in Banking and Financial Techniques from Bordeaux School of Dakar (BEM). I am in charge of setting up the prospecting process within Dolph-Stats Consulting. I am also in charge of developing and promoting customer relations. Our priority is to effectively meet customer needs by optimizing process and service quality in order to build customer loyalty.

    I appreciate the company’s pragmatic approach, based on the interests of all. Customer satisfaction and quality of work are the driving force behind our success and I am aware of the opportunity to work in a promising field and therefore feel privileged to be able to develop in my professional life.

    Beyond the prospects for development, I note a strong commitment on the part of management to the development of its employees with a very rich corporate life. This helps to strengthen not only the bonds but also the sense of belonging to society.

    At Dolph-Stats Consulting, I feel a real “team spirit”. I hope to be able to transmit enthusiasm and skills but also to learn from each other’s experiences so that, commonly, our projects are successful.

    Penda Faye – Head of Sales & Relationship Management Dolph-Stats Consulting

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